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We Are About More Than Knough

For those of you who have been following my mental health campaign, YOU ARE ENOUGH for the past three years, I would love to hear what you think about the Barbie movie and Ken's "I Am Kenough" hoodie that is making such a huge splash and is constantly sold out. I am easily hearing from five folks a day who are asking me if the Barbie hoodie is part of the YOU ARE ENOUGH campaign and my campaign inspired Greta Gerwig, her co-author, Noah Baumbach, and Mattel for the shared messaging. I live pretty darn close to Mattel and even know some marketing folks from the company who have seen the campaign billboards, participated in the First Annual 5K, and have donated to the cause. This is what I explain: #1 -- I have no idea if my campaign inspired them in any way, and probably will never know. #2 -- YOU ARE ENOUGH is all about being a mirror for others and helping individuals feel seen, worthy, and supported. Therefore, the merchandise and billboards simply state YOU ARE ENOUGH so that folks can lean into the words in their own way and feel that yes, someone sees them and is rooting them on. The "I Am Kenough" statement/merchandise is an inward statement that yes, can also remind people to think the same way about themselves. I get this and love it! This seems like a simple comparison, right? Our campaign mission is to act selfless so that others feel love and worthiness via a virtual hug of sorts. Those who have joined the YOU ARE ENOUGH tribe truly want to be a conduit and an advocate of sorts for others to let folks know that they are not alone when it comes time to feeling enough. The message is for all of us to share and relate to. I have not seen Barbie yet and of course, am so curious! I hear good things about how the company wove in throughout the movie that we are all enough in our own right. Thank you! So, even though the Kenough hoodie is all about someone stating that hey, I am enough, the statement also will reach others to lean into their own ENOUGH. At first I got a little grumpy when people asked me if I had seen the Kenough hoodie, but now I am grateful that Mattel used such a huge platform to promote feeling into our ENOUGH. And Ken, as a child, I always rooted for you while my twin brother rooted for Barbie! For more information on what my mental health non-profit is all about and what our hoodies look like, simply visit #mentalwellness #mentalhealth #mentalhealthadvocate #depressionisreal #selfworth #youarenotalone #youareseen #youareloved #communitybuilding #purpose #causeandeffect #nonprofit #youareenough


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