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A Brand With A Heart That Sees You

As a purpose-driven public relations entrepreneur, my mission has always been to help people see, feel into, and promote their purpose. After starting my career in Silicon Valley for 10 years, I had a "soul hole" and felt like I was missing out on my own purpose. Therefore, I started my own gig, Be Cause PR, and have been able to work with some of the most amazing influencers, start-ups, and my favorite, heretics, who bleed for their cause. Over the past four years I have been running my own mental health non-profit, Giving Purpose Organization, because I not only have my own story around mental health and wellness, but also because I see and feel how so many people struggle daily with feeling worthy. Admit it, we all do and a lot of it comes from the society we live in where we are "Advertised Out" (my new term) from feeling that we are ok just the way we are. My cause is a reminder that we can all give back to others if we love ourselves first. My flagship campaign, YOU ARE ENOUGH (in all caps because we all rock) has been so simple, yet so complex. My mission at first was to launch one billboard in Los Angeles that showcased these words in big and bold font on a billboard. 1300 billboards later, the cause is becoming a movement as well as a brand that people want to be a part of. I am still just peanuts, but, I am also learning how the work I have done in PR for more than 30 years has always been about taking a brand and adding a heart to it that everyone can relate to, feel and want to be a part of. This is my BAM statement!

Connecting to a brand from the heart is so essential when so many of us are losing that human touch we used to have with one another and strangers. We all just want to be seen, and if it means sharing these words on billboards, merchandise, and via events, more power to us! When people ask me what does my cause mean, I simply say, it is meant to help people feel a part of something that they can help others feel seen, worthy, and supported. Think of Nike's Just Do It, or Lance Armstrong's Livestrong. These brands found a way to bring people together around their brand within. I am writing this post because as I get ready for my second annual YOU ARE ENOUGH 5K, I am questioning who I am and what I am trying to accomplish around the event and the cause. And the answer is simple. I want people to know that they can help others feel worthy, seen, and supported. We all are public servants and we all are worthy. So today, when you get a chance, let someone know that they are worthy and seen with a smile or a hug. We need to be mirrors for one another and I know that YOU ARE ENOUGH is on its way to helping make this happen!


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