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Marching With Green and Worthiness

One thing that our non-profit does every day is to find ways to create and participate in societal healing programs. Our upcoming YOU ARE ENOUGH 5K on May 5th is one example and we know that we are going to be joined by people who want to share with others their love and support around the word ENOUGH and how we all need to lean into it on a daily basis and believe in our worthiness. We see that being a part of our community as a cause that is a part of the South Bay pulse is also essential. Therefore, this weekend, we will be proudly marching in the 28th Annual Hermosa Beach St. Patrick's Day Parade!

We will come together as a family and share with the parade goers our love and support in an outward fashion because this is what YOU ARE ENOUGH is all about. We will wear our specially designed parade tees and will hand out campaign wristbands as we continue to strive to show people that we seen them and support them for who they are. If you are interested in getting a t-shirt, let us know!


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