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The YOU ARE ENOUGH Family Marches On!

Mighty and Proud

On Saturday I was honored to hang out with my YOU ARE ENOUGH supporters, and as I always say, my family, through the streets of downtown Hermosa Beach for the 28th Annual St. Patrick's Day Parade. A majority of the participants were non-profits and we did not have the budgets to go all out with fancy floats and outfits. So, it was very comforting to hang out with the other participants and share our purpose and our love for the work we are doing in our community of Hermosa Beach.

The "parade" in America seems to be a thing of the past and after marching in this one and talking to other parade goers, we, as a society, need to have more gatherings like this that bring people together with love and support. While getting ready for this event I will admit that I was amazed and grateful to be with a team that was all about giving back to others with the three simple words YOU ARE ENOUGH. We started with 1000 wristbands to hand out during the 40 minute walk and were empty handed within minutes. The wristbands are an entity that people in the South Bay know about and want to wear. It is so simple and yet can be so profound. Yet, the exercise we are sharing with others is that we all simply want to feel seen in our lives and have others act as positive mirrors to ourselves. The idea of a parade does just this. There we were carrying our little banner and chanting YOU ARE ENOUGH for 40 minutes. We were a team. We were a family. And we were there for others to help them know and feel that they are worthy and are ENOUGH just the way they are.

Thank you for BEING you.


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