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Our Story

A journey towards societal healing.

As someone who has faced depression and anxiety throughout her life, Cathy has a deep well of empathy and understanding for those who face isolation, anxiety, and fear while dealing with mental health challenges. She also knows that depression is the leading disability in the United States and that loneliness and social isolation go hand in hand with depression.


One morning in 2020, while coming off therapy gone wrong and prescription meds that made her feel down and anxious, Cathy thought that no one should feel alone and scared while trying to cope with their mental health challenges. Her goal that morning was to find a way to reach the masses to let them know that they are not alone and invisible in their battle to feel enough. She knew she had to do something and had a calling to help those who were feeling in a dark and lonely space.

Reaching the Masses With Three Words and a Billboard


Cathy believed that the best way to amplify the words YOU ARE ENOUGH would be via billboards. The design would be simple with YOU ARE ENOUGH being projected in big and bold lettering. Cathy wanted to get people to feel that someone saw and was thinking about them when they saw the billboard. She also wanted to break the advertising pattern where we are told that we need to do, have, be, and buy more in order to feel into our enough.


So, she set out to launch a billboard in every state of the United States and travel throughout the country while filming a documentary about what these words mean to people. She was all set to go and then her dream came to a halt when the Covid pandemic hit and had to settle on raising funds via a GoFundMe campaign for one billboard in her hometown of Redondo Beach.


Cathy continued the fundraising campaign to raise more billboards in Los Angeles after she found out that the boards were saving lives and helping people feel hopeful and seen. This was especially important during the pandemic when social isolation was causing depression and anxiety for so many and a time where people had to sit still with feelings they had never had or been aware of.


While running Giving Purpose, the main thing that Cathy has learned is that when we help others, we are also on a healing journey ourselves. Cathy believes that societal healing is just that, a way for people to come together to help one another feel seen and worthy.


During her time away from Giving Purpose, Cathy is also a public relations entrepreneur with more than 30 years under her belt. She currently runs own PR agency, Be Cause PR, where she works with individuals and organizations who want to make a positive social impact to heal our planet and our people. She is always looking for ways to help people feel seen and worthy, and whether it is through her business, or Giving Purpose and YOU ARE ENOUGH, Cathy thrives at bringing people together to heal.

Join the Movement!

From heartfelt donations to meaningful partnerships, discover how you can play a crucial role in spreading positivity and healing to those who need it most.

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