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Unifying and Healing People With
Positive and Supportive Words

While facing depression, anxiety, and feeling isolated throughout most of my life, I have always been someone who has yearned for connection and to feel seen. In my professional life, I have worn the hat of a public relations entrepreneur who strives to help people feel into and lead with their purpose. I have an uncanny ability to see a person's story and help them tell it. I also can see someone's pain and their need for a smile and a hug.

One morning, while I was going through "therapy, went wrong" and the side effects of prescription meds that were making me feel anxious, sad, and alone, I thought that no one should have to feel this way. So, I thought, why not get a billboard up with the words YOU ARE ENOUGH on it so that people will feel worthy and seen. I wanted to shout these words out to the world and thought that a billboard could reach millions of people with no strings attached.  The billboard would not be an advertisement and instead would be like a virtual and supportive hug. 

"With depression being the number one disability in our country, I knew and know to this moment, that all we all want in our lives is to be seen and valued."  Cathy 

We Can Fight Mental Health Stigma Together

I also understood how it is not easy for a lot of us to tell someone we are feeling blue and that when someone sees a YOU ARE ENOUGH billboard, they just might feel seen and worthy just knowing that someone put the billboard up in the first place.  Since YOU ARE ENOUGH is a donation-based campaign, it is all about people helping people.  So, when you see that billboard, know that someone does see you and cares for you. This is what I call SHARE IT FORWARD.

My goal in life has always been to help people heal and know that they are not alone when it comes time to feeling worthy.  We all want to be seen and my mission professionally and personally is to bring people together to heal and evolve with purpose.  This is what this campaign is all about - TO UNITE AND HEAL.

As YOU ARE ENOUGH continues to evolve around the world, I am speaking at events, to organizations, clubs, and schools.  It is time to work together to be better listeners for one another and to be positive mirrors for one another as we face such uncertain times around our people, our planet, and our health and wellness.

If you would like to talk to me about arranging a speaking opportunity, please give a shout via email at

A Societal Healing Movement Is Born

Cathy Capener, Founder 

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