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Ward Has Been Around Long Enough To Know His Enough

Meet Ward, a 90 year old gentleman who resides in Inglewood, CA. I just launched the latest YOU ARE ENOUGH billboard in Inglewood and have been talking to the community about what these words mean to them. Ward agrees that a lot of folks, especially the senior community, are feeling pretty low these days as well as isolated and unseen. I asked him how he keeps his spirits so high and he simply stated that he practices gratitude. He has had a tough life and has always persevered with a grateful mindset. We talked for an hour and felt that we were the sunshine we both needed on this foggy day in LA. The one thing that I love about the YOU ARE ENOUGH campaign is how I get to learn from folks of all cultures and ages what these words mean to them and how they integrate them into their lives. Ward no doubt has done an amazing job as he continues to face life with a smile and gratitude. And he loves sporting his new blue campaign wristband!


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