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Walking Through Fear

I came across this memory from three years ago, a time when I started YOU ARE ENOUGH, in order to help people feel that they were not alone in their fear, uncertainty, and lack of self worth. I hit the go button on the campaign before the pandemic, knowing that depression was, and still is, the number one disability in our country. This video is of me walking near the first billboard that I was barely able to get funding for, one that I put my whole BEing into. I was scared, lonely, and unsure about so many things. But, I kept taking steps forward to heal myself and others by sharing the words YOU ARE ENOUGH on billboards and merchandise. I watched people come together around the words and saw a tribe form. This campaign, what I call a societal healing campaign, is one that faces outward to heal inward. I learned that helping people feel seen, supported, and worthy was also a way for me to feel the same. I hope we can keep this going in one way or another. Societal healing is needed all over the world and can be accomplished one step and one billboard at a time. I believe I have proven this and will march forward.

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