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Our Children Are Thinking Dark Thoughts More Than Ever

The youth need to support one another more than ever while so many are facing mental health challenges. This article and the statistics highlighting the amount of youth that have suicidal thoughts and are being seen more than ever in emergency rooms, does not surprise me at all. While running my mental health campaign, YOU ARE ENOUGH, I have seen how it is the youth who have responded the most to the campaign concept and they are the ones who are most vocal about helping their peers and loved ones get through the hard times. Yes, parents, teachers, and coaches, etc., can listen and provide the pep talks, support, and love that is needed to get our youth to feel that they are not alone when it comes time to feeling ENOUGH. However, we also need to build programs where the YOUTH are empowering the YOUTH to feel seen, held, and heard when it comes time to feeling into their ENOUGH. The sense of not feeling truly connected and hard wired is truly messing with the hearts and souls of our youth. We need to help them continue to find the strength and support needed to fight the stigma around mental health and show them that they can find their voices through the voices of others who may not be feeling mentally tough. It's time to run youth to youth mental wellness programs where each individual can find true connection, support, and love. The hashtag, #weareinthistogether, is what mental wellness can and needs to be about and yes, we are getting there. But as you will see from this article, there are a lot of kids who are really hurting and are having a hard time getting through the dark and the dark thoughts that come with depression, anxiety, and isolation.


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