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Kids Say It Like It Is

My favorite thing about working on YOU ARE ENOUGH, is visiting friends and new friends- to- be when I deliver merchandise. Last night, I had the pleasure to hang out with my great friend of 20 years, Michelle Wiskey Biskey, and her adorable children, Scotty and Gracie. Michelle helped me very early on and was always behind me with ideas for the campaign that she took to action. She worked with her husband to get a banner up outside of his office over Peet's Coffee in Manhattan Beach during the pandemic, a banner which helped so many people during these strange and isolating times. She has connected me with potential donors, and of course, bought her share of merchandise. Last night, the kids got into shirts that they wore two years ago, shirts that then were too big for them. Now, they have grown into them and will soon be ready for youth sizes. Thank you, Michelle, for your love and your positive attitude. You have helped me continue to follow my dream and hopefully I will find a way to keep the campaign going. Love to you all!


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