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Family Pride And Healing

The words YOU ARE ENOUGH, especially in all caps, mean something different to us all on a daily basis. This is the cool thing about the campaign. It is all about having NO rules, guidelines, or expectations about how one should feel when they see these words on one of the billboards or merchandise that people are sporting around the country. Yesterday, while talking to people around the current billboard in Redondo Beach, I ran into a family that has been running a Christmas tree lot for the past 20 years. The oldest daughter, a mom of four, was so excited to be gifted some campaign wristbands and handed them out to her kids immediately. She explained how her kids, especially the older ones, need to hear and BELIEVE in these words more than ever. I gave her a bunch to hand out to customers and before leaving she gave me $100 to put towards a board in Inglewood, CA. She also explained how she and her family took a selfie in front of the billboard and was going to use the photo for a holiday greeting card. These words are genuinely bringing people and strangers together, especially families who understand the power of staying together as ONE. I loved seeing the love and pride that this family shared.


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