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The Climate Crisis and Mental Health Go Hand in Hand - We All Have A Purpose To Heal Ourselves and Our Planet

I had a great conversation yesterday with my new friend, Wendy Nystrom Lloyd, M.A. CRIS, ENV SP, who is running her own gig called Environmental Social Justice (ESJ), which is an international webcast she created and hosts to bridge the gap between climate experts and the public through effective communication and education. Known as the "Julia Child of Environmental," Wendy uses ESJ to drive action by interviewing global leaders, entrepreneurs, and startups, showcasing innovative ideas and technologies that demonstrate how small changes in daily life can collectively make a positive impact. 

Wendy wanted to talk to me about my work in PR and mental health and how I work with folks who lead with purpose for cause and effect in an effort to heal our people and our planet.

Thank you Wendy and thanks so much for the work you are doing!!! We need to help our citizens better understand our issues around the climate and how they have the power and resources to help heal our planet!

You can see the video recording on YouTube and Spotify


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