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You Are Not Alone

YOU ARE ENOUGH is all about letting people know that they are seen and loved. Before I started the campaign I used to have a hard time feeling into the phrase, "you are not alone" and thought, how can someone tell me this and understand how isolated, scared, and how alone I feel? This is why I started the campaign. I wanted to let people know in a simple way that we all feel alone and are constantly striving to feel enough in a scarcity society that we are made to believe that we live in. I got a note today from a woman who explained that one of the billboards stopped her from ending her life. She explained that when she saw the board that she felt that someone had to think of the idea and pay for it to go up. She researched it and found out that it is a donation-based campaign and immediately thought that there are people out there who actually care about the well-being of others. How often do you feel this when you drive by a billboard? Better yet, how often do you even feel this or feel a connection to others who are complete strangers? We need to support one another more than ever as we come through this pandemic. We are not through the mental health epidemic side of it by any means and now is the time to form a WE society versus a ME society. You are seen, you are held, and you are loved. #YOUAREENOUGH#mentalhealthmatters#youarenotalone#societalhealing#communityengagement#causeandeffect


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