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Healing Your Community

While working on the YOU ARE ENOUGH campaign one thing is certain, communities need to come together to help support and decrease mental health cases in their areas. We know that when a company supports a cause that people see as one that is doing good, a company's brand will improve and more people will buy their products and services. While reaching out to local businesses in the South Bay of Los Angeles, I am finding that many businesses have never even thought about being transparent about their donations to causes. I ask, why not be proud and verbal about how you are giving back to a cause and an initiative? In my case with YOU ARE ENOUGH, individuals can't seem to get enough of the merchandise such as the hoodies because they want people to know that they do care and that they are someone who cares about those facing mental health challenges. Many also want to share the words because they want people to know that they are not alone and that someone has their back. Such a simple act of kindness. So if we could get more businesses such as the real estate company, Jensen Realty of Hermosa Beach, to simply showcase a banner for 30 days, a yard sign, or even a sticker for their office window, more people would be healing on some level in the wink of an eye. I just started reaching out to businesses to see if they would invest in a banner and hope that it grows. This practice is a win-win for all and shows that those that showcase the banners are talking and walking the purpose walk. The key point in this exercise is that those who showcase the banners are not advertising for a cause but instead are living the cause with others by sharing these supportive and powerful words.


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