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Outfront Media Gives Back

A big shout out to OUTFRONT Media for helping me keep my YOU ARE ENOUGH mental health campaign going by donating free billboard space in Torrance, CA. When I went to see the sign last week on the day of the launch, I was, as always, giggling and feeling chills up and down my spine. What was really cool was to see how a few people got out of their cars and took photos of the board while we were sitting in traffic. I did not have my phone with me and need to go back so I can take photos of people taking photos. This board is not in the safest of neighborhoods but still was shining brightly and boldly helping people feel seen and supported. I will go to the site this week and see if I can snag some folks for interviews on what the words YOU ARE ENOUGH mean to them. Thank you again, Outfront, for believing in the purpose of this movement! And, you can see this billboard saying hello from a mile away!!!


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