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I Am Enough Is Not The Same As You Are Enough

I continue to be asked why I do not add "I Am Enough" to the campaign's merchandise messaging and marketing materials. The point we need to continue to understand about the purpose of YOU ARE ENOUGH is that it is a "share it forward" campaign where we are sharing the words YOU ARE ENOUGH with others to help them feel seen and held. It's that simple. Our society does not seem to get this as much as I and others would like it to. But if we continue to stick together and advocate these words, I think we can make a lot of difference in the lives of so many. This is about helping others feel ENOUGH and so many of us need to learn how to help others feel seen and appreciated. I am going to do all that I can to get these boards up around the country, especially now with so many women feeling unseen and respected. #mentalhealth#mentalhealthadvocate#selfawareness#selfcompassion#selfworth#youareseen#youarenotalone#youvegotthis#youareenough


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