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Do you have a hero?

How many of you have heroes in your life? And if you have one, do you know how lucky you are? Ok, this may sound corny and if so, I get it. But does being "professional" mean that we can't share how we feel personally? Today I am going to share a simple story, a story about someone who sees the truth beyond what people might think as hype or as a way to get attention.

I would like to thank Donna McNeely for being someone who has shown me how she balances her personal purpose with her business purpose. Donna recently chipped in to sponsor the launch of a fourth #kinecta funded YOU ARE ENOUGH billboard up in Los Angeles. If you have been following this mental health campaign, the goal is to help people feel seen and supported via the words YOU ARE ENOUGH on billboards and merchandise. Each billboard reaches at least 500,000 people per week and we have no idea how many of these people will share these powerful and supportive words with others. You see, the YOU ARE ENOUGH campaign is all about sharing it forward, sharing the fact that you see others and know that they have a story and want and need to be acknowleged. Yeah, a billboard campaign is not sexy. But, Donna is someone who knows and feels that sharing the words YOU ARE ENOUGH on a billboard is going to help people driving and walking by know that they have a purpose to be who they are. We all get lost in the thousands of messages that come at us on a daily basis trying to persuade us that we are not enough for just being us. Donna understands this and wants to help people feel into their ENOUGHNESS and help them share the beauty that they have to offer to our world. She is showing me that my campaign is about healing and empowering with no strings attached. I hope that we all can find ways to help people we know and do not know that our worth in society is simply about being true to ourselves and sharing ourselves with the world. If we recognize that we are ok and beautiful as we are we will be able to help others feel into their ENOUGHNESS. This is so simple and yet so deep. Thank you, Donna, for getting this and for helping so many feel that they are worthy. #kinecta may have the tagline, Banking Done Different, but I can see that the people who work for the organization get that we all are ONE and that we need to feel seen, held, and acknowledged for being who we are.


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