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Running, Walking, Skipping, With Love, Support and Hope

Excited to share that the First Annual YOU ARE ENOUGH 5K was a huge success on so many levels! I learned that you can pull off an event in three weeks if you believe in your purpose and your vision. A lot of people think that this mental health cause is my full-time job, and to be honest, this touches my heart to hear this. After being in PR for more than 25 years, and running my own gig, Be Cause PR, I must admit that I am my own case study on how someone can lead with purpose to make a social impact. I started Be Cause PR due to the fact that I did not feel and believe that enough people were leading with their WHY. This was 23 years ago. Today, as we face so many issues that hit us to our core, it is more important than ever that we come together to heal one another and our planet. It can be and needs to be done. When I welcomed the YOU ARE ENOUGH 5K runners/walkers/supporters at the beginning of the event, I cried and was so grateful as I saw everyone sporting their campaign t-shirts with huge smiles, tear, and high fives. This event was all about purpose, love, and support, and will be one that will continue for years to come. My next goal is to organize YOU ARE ENOUGH walks/runs throughout our country as we strive to unify to heal. I will grow the movement and work with sponsors to make this happen. Thank you for following and supporting me while I have grown this campaign which has become a movement. I think we are onto something here. I knew that sharing three simple and supportive words could go far. Let's just see how far we can take this! Let me know if you would like to be a part of this healing journey!


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