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Helping individuals feel worthy seen, and supported.

Established in 2020, Giving Purpose is a non-profit organization dedicated to creating nationwide societal healing programs that help individuals recognize their intrinsic worth, feel seen, and supported. Our flagship campaign, YOU ARE ENOUGH, empowers individuals and organizations to share words of positivity and support through billboards, merchandise, and events. With 2,500+ billboards and four years of impact, we're on a mission to spread the message that we are all equal in our journey to embrace our ENOUGH. Join us in making positive change, one connection at a time.

As our movement evolves, we are seeing the impact our billboards are making on people's lives.  Our goal now is to raise a billboard in every capital before the 2024 election to unify and heal individuals at a time when our country continues to struggle with mental health and loneliness while also feeling fear and uncertainy on so many levels. It's time to work together to heal and these billboards are saving lives and giving people hope and that they are seen and worthy.  Check out the ways you can help us reach this goal.  DONATIONS MADE FROM TODAY THROUGH OCTOBER will go towards #YOUARENEOUGHUSA.

It's Time to Raise A Billboard in Every Capital of the United States


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