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Kinecta Federal Credit Union

Kinecta partnered with Giving Purpose to empower employees and connect with the community through a mental health awareness campaign in LA's South Bay.

About Kinecta

Kinecta, a mission-driven organization, is committed to a unique approach to banking that prioritizes people over numbers.

Kinecta's core mission, which involves reinvesting earnings for member and community benefit, extends to various financial services, including banking, lending, insurance, and wealth services.

Kinecta and Giving Purpose Join Forces

Early in the YOU ARE ENOUGH campaign, a call came in from Donna McKneely, the former Chief Organization Officer at Kinecta. She began the conversation by asking, "What can I do for you?" At that point, we had no idea who Donna was – it turned out, she was a customer who had purchased YOU ARE ENOUGH merchandise.

As we connected, a vision took shape: Kinecta teaming up with YOU ARE ENOUGH to deliver a powerful message to their customers and communities in the South Bay of Los Angeles. The message was simple yet profound: "You are enough," and Kinecta sees you. To bring this message to life, they purchased four billboards strategically placed near their branches in Hawthorne, Gardena, Manhattan Beach, and Redondo Beach.

What made this collaboration stand out was Donna's decision not to include Kinecta's logo on the billboards. She understood that the campaign wasn't about advertising; it was about something more significant. This turned the initiative into a cause marketing endeavor, an engagement opportunity for employees, and a powerful way to foster customer and community relations.

Kinecta provided shirts for the staff at these four branches, signage for the billboards, and wristbands for their customers. This created an opening for employees to engage in heartfelt conversations about mental health awareness and underscored Kinecta's dedication to giving back to the communities while supporting community-based programs.

The feedback from both Kinecta employees and the four communities was overwhelmingly positive and filled with hope. This collaboration wasn't just about finance; it was about fostering connections and making a difference in people's lives.


  • Deepened community connection.

  • Boosted employee morale.

  • Highlighted Kinecta's dedication to community support.

  • Positive customer and community relations achieved.

  • Fostered genuine community connections.

  • Boosted brand visibility.

  • Enhanced brand image and reputation.

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