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What People Are Saying

Lu Parker of KTLA Announces YOU ARE ENOUGH

I am so grateful to Lu Parker of KTLA for seeing the purpose of the campaign.

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My first fan, Isaac, explains the mission

For a year I took the time to interview folks about what the words YOU ARE ENOUGH means to them and asked them how they saw the billboard campaign working.  Isaac was my first fan and he helped me nail the mission down.

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A before work pep talk

While the billboards are up I try to interview as many people as I can about how they feel about the billboard. Briana explained how she loves to see the billboard before she goes into work.

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Girls just want to have FUN

Sometimes the billboard just speaks to you

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Natalie sees a future for the campaign in struggling communities

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There are many ways to explain how to be ENOUGH

Homelessness does not deter Latrell

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