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Swimming For Mental Health Awareness

YOU ARE ENOUGH made an appearance on BBC thanks to the record breaking, distance ocean swimmer, Andy Donaldson of Scotland, who just completed seven of the long distance ocean swims --- known as the Oceans Seven, a marathon swimming challenge consisting of seven open water channel swims. It was devised in 2008 as the swimming equivalent of the Seven Summits mountaineering challenge. It includes the North Channel, the Cook Strait, the Molokaʻi Channel, the English Channel, the Catalina Channel, the Tsugaru Strait and the Strait of Gibraltar.

I met Andy briefly while he was here in Redondo preparing for the Catalina Channel swim. Andy is a mental health advocate back home in Australia and snagged a campaign hoodie. Thank you, Andy, for all of the work you do in and out of the water for mental wellness.


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